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Wood turning RollingPin2jpg picture by WillysWoodcrafting

Wood turning RollingPin2jpg picture by WillysWoodcrafting


Now I will be able to work on some other plans I have up my sleeve of making them this way and use more variety in wood colors and patterns .

It is such pretty wood so I sorted out these few pieces that I thought might have possibilities as turning wood.

They are boiling as I am typing this.

I cut it into 1 x 1 and then just before turning them on the lathe I resaw them back to 3/4 X 3/4


Got time today between many other things that kept me out of my shop, to sand it and apply a finish . Sanding was very easy by just holding a piece on ...

The space blocks under the wing nuts are drilled to be laid flat or standing on end depending on how many rings are going to be glued at once.

... sapwood. I didn't notice it until I applied the finish and was pondering whether to part the top 4 rings off and re-do them but decided to leave it as ...

It is the 723 model . It cuts rings so easily and so accuratly and smooth that it makes it fun. Requires some trigonometry to set the right angles which ...

Click image for larger version Name: tamarack.jpg Views: 1 Size: 44.5

Here is the effect I have achieved making a flat board into a bowl by skewing the fences one way or another . Just one of many I have done this way .

Before just burned and then after with coloring added.

This is just finished..a beauty!!Dark Flame Rolling Pin by Cattails

... the basswood oval right through the pyro paper and then finished the burning with the paper removed. Then I colored it with oil pencils and applied a ...

Here is the left side shown with the blade in the down position. That little black tool is held by the left hand on top of the segment for safety reasons ...

but I was really not happy with the interior finish with traces of glue and marks from trying to get rid of all the glue.

[ IMG]

The black marks are worm holes that are common in that type of wood and I filled them all with epoxy.

PDF DIY Wood Turned Birdhouses Download wood stainer » plansdownload

The slit in the right side in this picture is the part that faces the disk on the left side when the unit is fastened onto the lathe to correspond with the ...

Here is a picture of some pink ivory log sections. One of the reasons it is relatively scarce is because only a small portion of the log or branch is ...

... lathe but it runs very true and accurate. I don't know if that was just good luck or good management because the lining up and centering of the parts is ...

I was going to turn adapters to take up the difference in the hose connectors but I discovered that the thickness of the plastic in a ice cream pail was ' ...

Crackerbread and rolling pin

Rolling Pin

Joseph Joseph Adjustable rolling pin

wooden camera iphone case



Sift flour, baking powder and salt together into a small bowl.

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JMC123 writes: It only took me one good kickback accident (20% nerve loss in left middle) to "get my mind right" several years ago.

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Ring Master Wood ...